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Surprisingly, UFOs are called to have mastered Russian ICBMs and almost caused World War III




Surprisingly, UFOs are called to have mastered Russian ICBMs and almost caused World War III. Russian fighter jets once fired on possible extraterrestrial life forms after a pair of UFOs nearly caused World War III to break out. This was the testimony under oath submitted to the United States (US) Congress.

The testimony was given by George Knapp, a journalist who won a prestigious award and was based in Las Vegas. He has repeatedly reported sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), now known as. UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), and the alleged conspiracies surrounding them.

According to Knapp, there was a time when the Russian military actually deployed fighter jets to shoot down. UFOs following an incident that nearly pushed the world into a worldwide-encompassing nuclear war.

UFO Take Over Russian ICBM Base

In his testimony, Knapp said that Russia had conducted what is possibly the largest UFO investigation ever in history, spanning a decade and the entire echelon of the. Russian military.

He said he had spoken to a Russian military official

Colonel Boris Sokolov, who said there were no fewer than 45 different incidents in which. Russian fighter jets clashed with UFOs—with Russian jets crashing in three of these incidents, resulting in the deaths of two pilots in the clashes.

One incident that has really raised the alarm

However, was at a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) base in Ukraine. According to Sokolov, the UFO somehow gained control of the ICBM’s launch system.

“The UFO appeared over the base, performed a stunning maneuver in front of stunned eyewitnesses and then somehow took control of the launch system. The missile was pointed at the United States (US) and suddenly fired. The launch control code was somehow entered, and the base was not able to stop what could trigger World War III. Then, suddenly, the UFO disappeared, and the launch control system shut down.” Knapp said in testimony whose documents were obtained by Fox News, Tuesday (1/8/2023).

After the incident

The Russian Ministry of Defense was supposed to issue a hands-off order for UFOs. “Which they think should be left alone because they may have an extraordinary capacity for retaliation,” Knapp continued.

All of which is alarming enough, but also contradicts the claims the. US has been making about UFOs since the late 1960s.

Knapp is not alone in sharing these concerns

Also testifying in Congress is investigative journalist. Jeremy Corbell, who says UFOs are a major concern and may cost the US.

The issue of UFOs and UAPs has captured the public’s attention for decades. However, for many years, the US government has been silent on this issue. The reason is believed to be because. UFOs are more of a security issue than a scientific one, meaning they need to be kept secret.


Things have changed in recent years, with Congress holding numerous hearings on the matter and NASA even launching an official investigative task force into the UAP.

While this may have been partially motivated by reports of Chinese spy balloons, the issue soon swelled from a geopolitical security concern to reports of other, much more alien and unidentified flying objects.

Back in July

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves joined the retired Navy commander US David Fravor and former. Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch, who have all testified to the US government’s knowledge of the mysterious flying object.

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“The technology we’re dealing with is far superior to anything we have,” Fravor said of an alleged sighting he made in 2004.

Grusch added that “non-human” pilots had been found by the US government during their UFO research, although he said he had no direct reports of non-human or alien sightings and that his claim was based on extensive interviews with high-level intelligence officials.

Back in April

Declassified UFO data was shared by Sean M Kirkpatrick, who heads the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) for studying UFOs. He noted that there were around 650 incidents tracked by the agency. One of these incidents, dated July 12, 2022, depicts a US military MQ-9 Reaper drone somewhere in the Middle East.

In the footage

It can be seen monitoring a strange metallic silver ball-like object flying below at what appears to be a very high speed while the drone’s camera tries to keep up with it.

However, this is not the only time this particular UFO has been sighted—apparently, there have been many other sightings of strange flying metal balls in the Middle East.

The subject is also becoming more interesting to scientists

With a study published in early 2023 showing more than a third (37%) of US academics are interested in researching UFOs while a large minority (19%) have witnessed or know someone who has witnessed a UAP.


an Australian community founded on racial looks to the future




Australian Community

Cherbourg, which was established on Wakka Wakka territory, has a current slogan of “many tribes. One Australian community that represents the diverse ethnic backgrounds of its 1,700 inhabitants. Some of whom were originally compelled to live there due to segregation laws.

According to the Queensland government, more than 2,600 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Were forcefully relocated from their land to Cherbourg, which was once known as Barambah, between 1905 and 1971.

Australian community

Under a rule that mandated the expulsion of Indigenous people from their ancestral lands in order to house and educate. Them according to colonial standards, some were taken barefoot across the Australian bush by colonial settlers.

Residents of the old government reserve now live in tidy rows of one-story homes. Paying rent to a council whose goal it is to create a vibrant neighborhood where people want to live. So far, it appears to be successful.

The CEO of the Cherbourg Council, Chatur Zala, stated that there are about 260 people on the waiting list. “Since our rent is so affordable, there is a big demand for social housing.

For those in Cherbourg, life has altered, but there is still a gap between non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians on a variety of metrics, including infant mortality, employment, suicide, and jail.

On October 14, the entire nation will vote on a proposal made by indigenous people that they believe could help reduce the gap.

By voting yes, First Nations people would be acknowledged in the constitution and a voice to parliament would be established to advise the government on matters pertaining to them. Nothing would change if you voted no.

What are Cherbourg residents’ thoughts on what is being hailed as a historic step for Indigenous reconciliation given that Cherbourg was founded on practices of segregation and assimilation?

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Biden warns Trump movement is a threat to American democracy




Democracy America

In a significant speech on Thursday, President Joe Biden delivered frank fresh warnings about ongoing threats to American democracy. Honing the main point of his possible rematch with Donald Trump and pleading with voters to give the health of American institutions top priority.

Biden remark during his speech in Arizona, where he was also paying tribute to his buddy, the late Republican Sen. John McCain, “There’s something dangerous happening in America right now.” The MAGA movement is an extremist movement that disagrees with the fundamental principles of our democracy.

American Democracy

He use the abbreviation for Trump political movement, saying, “There’s no doubt that today’s Republican Party is drive and intimate by MAGA Republican extremists. If implement, their radical agenda will change American democracy’s institutions as we currently know them.

Since the former president was criminally charged for his attempts to tamper with the results of the 2020 election, Biden’s stern statement was his most powerful attempt to call out Trump’s anti democratic activities. It gave a preview of Biden’s upcoming reelection speech, which would focus on Trump’s own statements and deeds as threats to democracy. According to Biden, his predecessor was motivate by “vengeance and vindictiveness” rather than the Constitution or morality.

Biden largely remained silent on his predecessor throughout the wave of charges and arrests because he was reluctant to appear to meddle in Justice Department matters. His caustic comments regarding Trump’s mugshot in the Fulton County, Georgia, lawsuit was his most significant response to Trump’s numerous legal difficulties.

But as long as Trump maintains his lead in the Republican primary and as long as Biden’s own popularity is mire in low levels. The president is intensifying his attacks on his most likely 2024 as a threat to democracy. The address on Thursday was yet another indication that it is no longer necessary to try to keep Trump at a distance.

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African Republic sees in the future for Wagner after Prgozhin





Yevgeny Prigozhin, the former head of Wagner, visited la Maison Russe, or the Russian House. Cultural facility close to the Russian embassy in the city last month. On his last trip to the Central African Republic (CAR) where he took selfies with residents and his lieutenants.

The institute, with its wide range of activities, is a clear illustration of how the mercenary organization has replaced the Russian state in the nation and a representation of the difficulties Vladimir Putin would face in regaining control.

Russia has been involved in a high-stakes race to consolidate Prigozhin’s empire on the African continent since his failed coup attempt in June and subsequent death in a plane crash outside of Moscow two months later. This empire consists of thousands of fighters, a vast array of business holdings, and numerous soft power initiatives like this one.


What comes next for the group is unknown as the Kremlin tries to contain Wagner’s extensive business network. However, Bangui is starting to show glimpses of what the future might hold for the CAR, one of the organization’s earliest client states and its laboratory on the continent. Here, it appears that Russia is maintaining its influence while consolidating Wagner’s operations. It appears that Moscow wants to convey the message that everything will continue as normal.

The dominance of Russia is evident everywhere. Locals consume Wa-Na-Wa vodka and Africa Ti L’Or beer in roadside bars owned by a company connected to Wagner. Fighter jets donated by Russia are currently flying missions overhead.

A Russian tricolor flag flutters above the cultural center. A carousel with an onion dome on top swings in the courtyard outside.

“The Maison Russe is the nerve center of all of Wagner’s activities in the Central African Republic,” Nathalia Dukhan, a senior investigator at The Sentry, a US NGO that has tracked Wagner around the nation, stated.

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