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MMORPG Game Ragnarok Origin Releases Major League Features




MMORPG Game Ragnarok Origin Releases Major League Features Ragnarok Origin as the official sequel to the MMORPG game Ragnarok Online made by Gravity Game Hub presents a new feature called Premier League.

It was stated, for Ragnarok Origin players, the Premier League feature is one of the most awaited.

The Premier League presents a Guild that can act at lightning speed.

That way, the platform becomes more impressive and attractive for players who want to build friendships.

Gravity Game Hub has also developed a wide selection of games tailored to meet the various needs of players. Ragnarok Origin’s Guild feature will help players restore the meaning of social interaction in the game.

Citing the statement, the Guild Events feature is designed to enhance the Guild Gaming experience and is tailored specifically to players’ preferences and playing styles.

For example, is this player relatively relaxed, Player vs. Environment and player focus on player vs. player. Players (PVP).

Some of the key elements of the Premier League feature include:

United Party

This is a feature that helps players socialize and make friends with other players. This party is held every night Monday to Saturday at 20.00 WIB.

Through this feature, your Guild has the chance to hang out, relax, and bond after a long day of travelling!

Guild Party is a collection of exciting events, where Guild members can take part in various social activities to strengthen friendship.

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Some of these activities include:
Cooking competition
Fun cream battle
Mysterious mission

Besides being fun, players who take part in the Guild Party will get prizes and titles.

Space-Time Anomaly

This event is held every Tuesday and Saturday at 20:30 WIB and is designed to attract players who love PVE games. That is, a game mode that pits individual players and their four Pets against Non-Player Boss Characters (NPCs).

Scores for each round will be awarded based on how they and their Pets perform against the Boss.

After the event ends, players will be given individual rewards based on their score and position in the guild. In addition, more prizes will be awarded based on the total score of the association.

Like the Guild Party feature, this feature also has bonuses given to all guild members who have joined and helped their guild in this event.

Guild leaders need to motivate their team and also need to have access to various buffs to create strategies that can help guild members achieve better scores in their challenges, thereby benefiting them and their guild members.

Association Expedition

This feature is designed to appeal to PvP oriented players looking for more fun and excitement. This event takes place every Thursday and Sunday at 20.30 WIB.

Guild Expedition features five different maps with varying terrain, each corresponding to a different NPC boss (MVP) and offering varying rewards.

However, to add to the complexity and strategy of the competition, MVP clones will also appear on the battlefield.

Guilds should stalk and attack bosses and clones to determine the main target, while being wary of players from opposing guilds who will also try to do the same.

Take into account various elements to win the game

Various other elements need to be taken into account, including the ability for guild leaders to purchase and apply buffs to their team, including increasing enemy damage, reducing damage received, and increasing healing effects.

The team that uses the most intelligent combination of strategy and tactics will be the most successful and the most rewarded.

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This Starfield Technique Reduces the Anxiety of Ship Design





One Starfield player recently discovered a way to deploy ship modules without allowing the game to choose where their linking doors should be placed at random. They quickly learned of this newly shared trick as it quickly spread on social media, which suggests that many Starfield fans were not aware of it.

The Add action, which by default corresponds to the A button on an Xbox controller or the G key on a keyboard, allows users to pick additional parts before dragging them to the desired location, and is the most versatile method of installing spacecraft modules in Starfield’s ship builder. However, if you use this technique to connect two modules with walkable interiors, the game will choose the placement of the connecting doorway at random.


That’s not a problem when working with individual blocks that only have one entrance, but it might be frustrating when trying to build interiors for larger ship habs.

Fortunately, it turns out that by specifying such a position beforehand, it is feasible to stop the game from selecting a random space for a linking doorway. Starfield players can do this with a mouse and keyboard by first choosing the hab node where they want the access entry to go with a left click, then pressing the Add key and choosing the module they want to attach.

It is slightly more difficult to use this trick with a controller because you have to use the analog stick to hover over the target doorway node, hold both gamepad triggers, and then press A to access the module selection menu.

According to the number of upvotes for their most recent tip, Reddit user AlanCave recently described an alternative way for placing ship modules that appears to have assisted hundreds of players with their spacecraft design projects.

Since Starfield doesn’t actually explain the advantages of this alternative module installation method, even though the ship builder UI does give away its key and button combinations when hovering over a free node, the implication that many fans were unaware of the trick isn’t particularly surprising.

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Indonesian Product Promotion Goes Viral: Polandia Game Gains Unexpected Popularity




Polandia Game Gains Unexpected Popularity

In an unexpected turn of events, a promotional campaign for Indonesian products has gone viral, thanks to a video Game Gains developed in Poland. This unique and somewhat serendipitous collaboration has taken the internet by storm, creating a buzz in both the gaming and marketing worlds.

Firstly, The campaign, known as “Pansos Produk Anak Bangsa” (loosely translat as “Show Off Indonesian Products”), was initiat by the Indonesian government to promote locally made products. The campaign encouraged Indonesians to showcase their favorite Indonesian-made products on social media platforms using the hashtag #PansosProdukAnakBangsa.

Secondly, What set this campaign apart was the clever twist that caught the attention of gamers worldwide. A Polish video game development studio, known for their popular game titles, decided to participate in the campaign by incorporating the hashtag into their latest release. The game, called “Treasures of Nusantara,” an adventure game set in the diverse landscapes of Indonesia.

Here’s how it happened Game Gains:

1. The Campaign Launch:

The Indonesian government launched the “Pansos Produk Anak Bangsa” campaign with the aim of boosting domestic product recognition and sales. It encouraged citizens to share their favorite local products, ranging from food to handicrafts, on social media.

2. The Unexpected Twist:

The Polish game development studio had recently released “Treasures of Nusantara,” a game that celebrates Indonesia’s rich culture and natural beauty. Upon learning about the Indonesian campaign, they decided to incorporate the #PansosProdukAnakBangsa hashtag into their game.

3. Going Viral:

Gamers worldwide who played “Treasures of Nusantara” started sharing their in-game experiences on social media More Then, with the hashtag prominently featured. The game’s stunning visuals, captivating story More Then, and unique incorporation of Indonesian culture quickly captured the gaming community’s attention.

4. International Appeal:

While the game was developed by a Polish studio, its portrayal of Indonesia’s diverse landscapes, wildlife, and mythology resonated with players worldwide. Gamers praised the attention to detail and the immersive experience of exploring the virtual Indonesian archipelago.

5. Boost for Indonesian Products:

More Then, The unintended consequence of the game’s viral success was the significant boost it gave to the #PansosProdukAnakBangsa campaign. Indonesians embraced the unexpected international attention and continued to share their favorite local products on social media More Then, capitalizing on the global interest generated by the game.

The viral success of Treasures of Nusantara Game Gains

Thirdly, Has become a heartwarming example of how digital media and creative collaborations can amplify the impact of marketing campaigns. It also highlights the power of the gaming community to promote and celebrate cultural diversity.

As a result of this unexpected partnership, Indonesian products and culture have gained recognition on a global scale. The Indonesian government and the Polish game developers are now exploring further collaborations to continue promoting Indonesia’s unique heritage and products, bridging gaps between nations through the world of gaming and social media.

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Tokyo Game Show 2023 to Be Held in the Metaverse, Free Viewing for All




Tokyo Game Show 2023 to Be Held in the Metaverse, Free Viewing for All

In an unprecedent move that underscores the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry. Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2023 to take place in the metaverse. This decision has garner significant attention and excitement within the global gaming community. As it signifies a groundbreaking shift in the way gaming events are host and experienc.

Firstly, Traditionally held as a physical event in Tokyo. Japan, TGS is one of the world’s largest and most influential gaming expos. Attracting game developers, publishers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts from around the globe. However, due to the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to embrace emerging technologies. The organizers have chosen to create a virtual TGS experience.

Here are some key details about TGS 2023 in the metaverse:

Virtual Venue:

The entire Tokyo Game Show event will be host within a digital metaverse, allowing attendees to create and customize their virtual avatars to explore the show. This move offers a unique and immersive experience that transcends geographical limitations More Then, enabling participation from anyone with an internet connection.

Free Access:

One of the most significant departures from the traditional format is that access to TGS 2023 in the metaverse will be entirely free for all participants. This inclusive approach aims to make the event accessible to a wider audience, democratizing the gaming experience.

Interactive Exhibits:

Secondly, Attendees can expect interactive exhibits, virtual booths, and live-streamed events featuring game demos, panel discussions More Then, and developer presentations. This format provides an opportunity for gamers to engage directly with their favorite developers and explore upcoming titles.

Thirdly, The organizers of TGS have emphasized their commitment to maintaining the essence of the event while embracing technological advancements. They see the move to the metaverse as an opportunity to bridge the physical and digital worlds, providing a dynamic and interactive platform for gamers, developers, and industry professionals to connect and celebrate the art of gaming.

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