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Facts about Kuta Mandalika Beach, where a perverted grandpa records foreigner’s breasts




Facts about Kuta Mandalika Beach, where a perverted grandpa records foreigner’s breasts. Kuta Beach is not only owned by the island of Bali. On the island of Lombok there is also Kuta Mandalika Beach which went viral because of the case of perverted grandparents filming foreigner breasts.

Kuta Mandalika Beach is no less interesting than Kuta Beach Bali. If Kuta Beach Bali presents an urban-style bustle, while Kuta Mandalika offers the opposite, namely a feel of serenity.

Kuta Mandalika Beach, is included in the area of Kuta Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency. Not only presents natural scenery, but this beach also holds a local legend.

Following are the facts about Kuta Mandalika Beach:

It has a long and beautiful coastline

Kuta Mandalika Beach is located in the south of Lombok Island. This beach has a wide stretch of white sand that spoils the eye. This beach has a coastline with a length of 7.2 kilometers.
Besides that, the charm of the sea is also beautiful, lots of coral reefs and the waves that are not boisterous make the calm feel felt.

The legend behind the name Mandalika

It is called Kuta Mandalika Beach because on the west side of the beach there is a hill called Mandalika Hill. That said, the name Mandalika was lifted from a folklore which tells of a princess who jumped from this hill into the sea.

Princess Mandalika is famous for her beauty. Because of this, many princes were attracted to her. But Princess Mandalika is said to have chosen to avoid the pursuit of a prince who wanted to ask for her hand. As a result he chose to throw himself into the sea.

The local people believe that Princess Mandalika, who throws herself into the sea, turns into a sea worm called Nyale. At certain moments, many Nyale worms will surface.

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Festival of catching Nyale worms

The appearance of the Nyale worm is something interesting. There is even a festival held to honor the Nyale worms, namely the Bau Nyale Festival which is held once a year. This festival can be carried out by local people and tourists.

Quoting Antara, Thursday (13/7/2023), Bau Nyale comes from the Sasak tribe in South Lombok. ‘Bau’ in the local language means to catch, while ‘Nyale’ is a kind of colorful sea worm that appears once a year.

During the Bau Nyale Festival, people hunt for these colorful worms at night or early in the morning, before sunrise. Not infrequently they stay around the coast to hunt for several days.

These colorful worms will be processed into various dishes by the community. This is believed to be a form of gratitude to Princess Mandalika.

Near the Mandalika Circuit

Currently, the attractiveness of Kuta Mandalika Beach is complemented by the existence of the Mandalika Circuit which is only about 3-4 kilometers from the beach.

The Mandalika Circuit is an international circuit owned by Indonesia. The Mandalika Circuit itself has become an arena for MotoGP racers since 2022. Apart from that, this circuit has also become an arena for Superbike class racers.

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Gabonese Coup Leader General Nguema as Transitional President




Gabonese Coup Leader General Nguema as Transitional President

Firstly, Gabonese, In a surprising turn of events, Gabon, a West African nation known for its stability, found itself thrust into political turmoil when General Nguema, the leader of a recent coup, was appoint as the transitional president. This development has raised questions about the future of the country and its democratic institutions.

Gabonese The Coup and General Nguema’s Rise to Power

The coup d’état occurred on a quiet night in Libreville, Gabon’s capital. Catching the nation and the international community off guard. General Nguema, previously a relatively low-profile military officer, spearheaded the coup. Citing corruption and inefficiency in the government as the primary reasons for his actions.

With a carefully orchestrated plan and support from a faction within the military. Nguema seized control of key government buildings, including the presidential palace. President Jean-Pierre Mboumba, who had been in power for nearly a decade. Was ousted from office and reportedly fl the country in the face of the coup.

Gabonese The Appointment of General Nguema as Transitional President

In the aftermath of the coup, Gabon was left in a state of uncertainty. The military’s decision to appoint General Nguema as the transitional president has been met with mix reactions, both domestically and internationally.

Proponents of the coup argue that General Nguema’s takeover was necessary to address the rampant corruption and political stagnation that had plagued Gabon for years. They view him as a patriot who is committ to restoring law and order in the country and potentially ushering in a new era of good governance.

However, critics have voiced concerns about the erosion of democratic principles and the rule of law. They argue that a military-led transition undermines the democratic institutions that Gabon has worked hard to establish and maintain since its independence from France in 1960.

International Reactions and Concerns

The international community, including the African Union and the United Nations, has expressed deep concern over the situation in Gabon. They have called for a peaceful and democratic resolution to the crisis, urging all parties to engage in dialogue and respect the rule of law.

Secondly, Neighboring countries in the region are closely monitoring the situation, fearing that instability in Gabon could have broader implications for regional peace and security. Diplomatic efforts are underway to mediate the crisis and facilitate a return to constitutional order.

The Road Ahead

Thirdly, The appointment of General Nguema as the transitional president has left Gabon at a crossroads. The nation must grapple with the complex task of balancing the need for stability and the preservation of democratic principles. The success of any transitional government will ultimately depend on its ability to unite the diverse political factions within the country and address the root causes of discontent.

More Then, As Gabon navigates this challenging period in its history, the international community will . Continue to play a crucial role in supporting efforts to find a peaceful and democratic solution. The coming months will be pivotal in determining the fate of this Central African nation and whether it. Can emerge from this crisis as a more stable and democratic society.

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Fears of a Putin Revolt by Ordering Soldier Wagner to Pledge Allegiance




Fears of a Putin Revolt by Ordering Soldier Wagner to

Fears of a Putin Revolt by Ordering Soldier Wagner to Pledge Allegiance. In a move that has sparked widespread speculation and raised concerns about the internal stability of Russia. President Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered the infamous private military group known as Wagner to pledge. Allegiance to the Russian government. This directive comes amidst growing fears of rebellion within the ranks of Wagner, a secretive paramilitary. Organization with alleged ties to Russian intelligence. The move sheds light on Putin’s efforts to tighten. Control over powerful factions within the country, while also highlighting the complexities of. Maintaining a balance between state security and private interests.

The Enigmatic Wagner Group:

The Wagner Group, often referred to as a “private military company,” has gained notoriety for its involvement in. Various conflicts, including Ukraine, Syria, and Libya. Founded by Dmitry Utkin, a former Russian military intelligence. Officer, the group has been accused of operating as a quasi-official arm of the. Russian state, allowing Moscow to engage in military operations while maintaining a degree of deniability. Wagner’s activities have been shrouded in secrecy, and the group has become synonymous with Russian hybrid warfare strategies.

Internal Dissent and Putin’s Response:

Recent reports suggest that there have been signs of internal dissent within the Wagner Group, with some. Members allegedly questioning their loyalty to the Russian government. Fearing the potential for rebellion and the loss of control over this powerful paramilitary force. President Putin has taken the unprecedented step of demanding a pledge of allegiance from the group’s members. This move is seen as an attempt to solidify the group’s loyalty and ensure its. Continued alignment with the Kremlin’s interests.

Implications for Russian Politics and Security:

Putin’s decision to intervene in the affairs of a private military group reflect the . Intricate balance of power and allegiances within Russia. The Wagner Group’s reported ties to Russian intelligence agencies have made it a powerful tool for advancing Moscow’s interests abroad. Firstly However, this same influence also poses a potential threat to the established order. Especially if the group’s loyalty were to waver.

By asserting control over the Wagner Group, Putin aims to safegua his. Government’s hold on key security assets and prevent any potential challenge to his authority. However, this move is not without risks. It could further blur the lines between state institutions and private entities, potentially muddying the waters of accountability and oversight.

International Response:

The international community is closely watching developments surrounding the Wagner Group. Questions about the group’s actions and allegiances have often led to accusations of. Russian interference in the affairs of other nations. Thirdly If Putin’s efforts to pledge allegiance to the. Russian government are successful, it could signal a more assertive stance on the part of the. Kremlin in using private military groups to advance its geopolitical interests.

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President Putin’s decision to demand allegiance from the Wagner Group highlights the delicate balance between. Secondly Consolidating power and managing potential sources of dissent. As Russia continues to navigate its position on the global stage, the fate of the . Wagner Group serves as a microcosm of the. Firstly Broader challenges the country faces in reconciling state control, private influence, and international implications. The outcome of this situation will undoubtedly shape the dynamics of both. Russian domestic politics and its interactions with the world.

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Why Do Space Agencies Race to Run Missions to the South Pole of the Moon?




Why Do Space Agencies Race to Run Missions to the South Pole of the Moon?. In this photo released by Roscosmos State Space Corporation, the Soyuz-2.1b rocket with the Luna-25 automatic lunar landing station takes off from the launch pad at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Far East from Russia on Friday 11th August 2023. Launch of the Luna-25 aircraft to the moon will be Russia’s first since 1976 when it became part of the Soviet Union.Russia’s moon lander is expected to reach on 23 august. India’s space agency is working on landing a spacecraft on the south pole of the moon. The mission is believed to advance India’s space ambitions and expand knowledge of water ice on the moon, potentially one of its most.

The following is an explanation of the existence of water ice on the moon, reported by Al Arabiya . Including the reasons space agencies and private companies see water ice on the moon as the key to lunar colonies. Mining on the moon, and potential missions to Mars.

How did scientists find water on the moon?

In the early 1960s, before the first Apollo landings, scientists speculated that there might be water on the moon. Samples returned by the Apollo crew for analysis in the late 1960s and early 1970s appeared to be dry. In 2008 brown university researchers are doing observing the existing. Sample on the moon with new technological equipment and found hydrogen in tiny grains of volcanic glass. In 2009, NASA instruments aboard the Indian Space Research Organization’s Chandrayaan-1 probe detected water on the lunar surface.

That same year, another NASA spacecraft that reached the south pole discovered water ice under the moon’s surface. NASA’s previous mission. Lunar Prospector in 1998, has found evidence that the highest concentrations of. Water ice are in the shadowy craters of the south pole.

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Why is water on the moon important?

Scientists are interested in ancient pockets of water ice because they can provide records of lunar. Volcanoes, the material that comets and asteroids deliver to Earth, and the origin of the oceans. If water ice was present in sufficient quantities, it. Could become a source of drinking water for lunar exploration and could help cool equipment.

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