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Alcaraz rallies to force a rematch with Djokovic, saying “I feel great”



Alcaraz Djokovic

“In a rematch of their Wimbledon final, Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic will face off on Sunday at the Western & Southern Open.

In the inaugural men’s semifinal on Saturday, top-ranked Alcaraz defeated unseeded Hubert Hurkacz 2-6, 7-6 (4), 6-3 after saving a match point in the second set.

Then, in a US Open warmup, No. 2 Djokovic defeated event champion Alexander Zverev 7-6 (5), 7-5, to earn a chance at a third victory.

In the second set tiebreaker, Alcaraz scored six points in a row to advance to his ninth season final. Last month at Wimbledon, he defeated Djokovic to win his second major championship and deprive the 36-year-old Djokovic his 23rd.

Twenty-year-old Alcaraz is the youngest Cincinnati finalist since Pete Sampras, who was 19 years old in 1991. Since Boris Becker won at the age of 17 in 1985, he is attempting to become the youngest champion.


claims he will be prepare for the championship match despite having gone into a third set in each of his four matches this week.

No matter if I’m playing third sets or extended matches, Alcaraz remarked, “I’m recuperating pretty well. “I feel fantastic.

lost the first set last week in Toronto and required two tiebreakers to defeat Hurkacz.

Hubert is always a challenge to play against, according to Alcaraz. ” Among the best servers on the tour, he is.

Djokovic, 36, surpassed Ken Rosewall, 35, in 1970 to become the oldest Cincinnati finalist in the professional era back to 1968.

Alcaraz and Djokovic will take part in the Davis Cup finals group stage next month, it was reveale earlier this week.

Alcaraz and Djokovic were both named to the squads for the competition that will be held in Valencia, Spain, from September 12 to 17, respectively, by Spain and Serbia on Monday.

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Grandmaster of chess Hans Niemann abusing in competition




Hans Neimann

Hans Niemann Monday interview with Piers Morgan, a chess grandmaster, may have just dashed his hopes of putting an alleged cheating issue behind him.

On “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Monday, Niemann, 20, addressed specific allegations that he used vibrating sex toys to cheat in over-the-board chess. Although it’s unclear who made the allegations in the first place, the allegations surfaced on social media. Niemann has always refuted accusations of over-the-board chess cheating.

Morgan questioned Niemann about whether he had ever used such items “while playing chess,” to which Niemann responded, “Well, your curiosity is a bit disturbing, you know – maybe you’re personally intrigued, but I can tell you, no.

Hans Niemann

After defeating five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen last year, Niemann reportedly declared, “They want me to strip fully naked, I’ll do it,” according to the New York Times. Because I am clean, I could care less. You want me to perform in a room that is seal off from all electrical transmissions? See, I don’t give a damn. Whatever name you want to give it, guys.

After Niemann defeated Carlsen at the 2022 Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, the Norwegian accused the American chess prodigy of cheating.

Despite Carlsen’s lack of specifics regarding what he claimed Niemann did during their over-the-board match in September 2022, allegations that Niemann used vibrating sex toys to receive signals telling him which moves to make abounded on social media.

The allegations of cheating against Niemann developed into a scandal that engulfed the chess community throughout the previous year.

Niemann admitted to cheating in “random games on” as a younger player, calling it “the single biggest mistake of my life,” but he claimed he had never done so in obscene games in a conversation with the St. Louis Chess Club shortly after his game versus Carlsen in 2022.

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Marselino Ferdinand Defends Indonesia in AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers, KMSK: Good Luck, Lino!




Marselino Ferdinand Defends

In a display of unwavering commitment to the Indonesian national football team. Marselino Ferdinand, affectionately known as Lino. Has stepped up to represent his country in the crucial AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers. This decision has garnered immense support and well-wishes from fans and the football community alike. As Indonesia looks to secure a spot in the prestigious tournament.

Firstly, Marselino Ferdinand, a highly regarded talent in Indonesian football, has made headlines with his dedication to the national team’s cause. More Then, His decision to participate in the AFC U-23 Asian. Cup Qualifiers underscores his passion for representing Indonesia on the international stage.

The AFC U-23 Asian Cup is a significant tournament that serves as a platform for emerging football talents in Asia. It not only showcases the skills and potential of young players but also. Paves the way for their future careers in both domestic and international football.

The Indonesian national U-23 team, also known as Garuda Muda,

Has a rich history and is regard as one of the rising forces in Asian football. The team’s participation in the qualifiers is essential to secure a place in. The prestigious AFC U-23 Asian Cup, where they will compete against some of the best teams in the continent.

Marselino Ferdinand’s decision to defend Indonesia in these qualifiers has earned him. Admiration and respect from fans, teammates, and football enthusiasts. His experience and talent on the field are expected to bolster the team’s chances of success.

The Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) has expressed its gratitude to Marselino for his commitment to the national team’s cause. His presence on the pitch is seen as a valuable asset, and the entire nation is rallying behind him and the team.

KMSK, a prominent Indonesian football fan group, has also extended their well-wishes to Marselino Ferdinand. In a statement, they said, “Semoga Beruntung, Lino!” (Good Luck, Lino!) and expressed their excitement to see him represent Indonesia in the qualifiers.

The AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers are a test of skill, teamwork, and determination

Secondly, Marselino Ferdinand’s decision to be a part of this journey is a testament to his love for the game and his dedication to the Indonesian national team. His presence in the qualifiers serves as an inspiration to aspiring young footballers in Indonesia and reinforces the importance of national pride in the world of sports.

Thirdly, As the Indonesian U-23 national team embarks on this challenging journey, fans eagerly await their performances in the qualifiers. Marselino Ferdinand’s participation adds a layer of excitement and anticipation to the tournament, as he seeks to contribute to Indonesia’s success on the international stage.

The entire nation will be cheering for Marselino Ferdinand and the Indonesian U-23 team, hoping for a successful campaign in the AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers. This event not only showcases the talent of young Indonesian footballers but also strengthens the bond between players and fans, uniting them in their shared passion for the beautiful game.

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Max Verstappen won the Italian Grand Prix to set a record




Max Verstappen

With his 10th straight victory in the Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen solidified his position as the most accomplished driver.

No Formula One driver has ever finished the season with that many victories. At the Dutch Grand Prix last weekend, the Red Bull driver equaled the previous record of nine set by Sebastian Vettel ten years earlier.

Verstappen’s victory at Monza was his 12th of the year, increasing the chances that Red Bull would become the first F1 team to sweep the season’s races.

Due to Red Bull’s dominance over the length of the 23-race season. No team appears to have a chance of overtaking them despite McLaren coming close in 1988, when they won all but one of the 16 races on the schedule.

The Dutchman responded to a question about the record on the ESPN broadcast after the race, “I never would’ve believed that was possible.” “We had to work for it today, and that undoubtedly increased the fun.

Max Verstappen

Verstappen started the race in second place after barely losing to Carlos Sainz Jr. of Ferrari in a thrilling qualifying session on Saturday. However, on Lap 15, the Dutch driver passed the Spaniard.

Verstappen’s superiority was evident as soon as he gained the lead, as it has been so frequently this year. To finish six seconds ahead of Sergio Perez in second place, he gradually widened his lead over the pursuing pack.

Sainz Jr. finished third, ahead of fourth-placed Charles Leclerc of the Ferrari squad.

Verstappen has a 145-point advantage in the drivers’ standings. Perez, a teammate who has finished second in past races this season, is in second.

The 25-year-old superstar, who now ranks sixth all-time with 47 race victories, will have the opportunity to break more records at the Singapore Grand Prix on September 17.

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