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2024 Grammy Awards Held February 4, Nominations Announced November 10




2024 Grammy Awards Held February 4, Nominations Announced November 10 The 2024. Grammy Awards will be held at Arena in Los AngelES on Sunday 4 February 2024. Evening local time, or on Monday 5 February 2024 morning Western Indonesia time. Meanwhile, the 2024 Grammy Awards nominations will be announc by the Recording Academy on November 10, 2023.

As report by Variety on Thursday (29/6), the news was announc directly by the Recording. Academy and CBS television station as the organizer of the world’s highest music award event.

In addition to broadcast on CBS, the 2024 Grammy Awards are. Schedul to broadcast on the Paramount streaming service live and on-demand. This announcement came after in early June 2023, the Recording Academy changed the annual rules and guidelines. As for the general category, aka the four prestige categories at the. Grammy Awards Record of the Year, Album of the Year. Song of the Year, and Best New Artist, there will be eight nominees from the previous up to 10 nominees.

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That decision returned to before 2021 when the nominees for the four categories suddenly grew to 10 nominees.

In addition, the Recording Academy also emphasized the rules for the use of artificial. Intelligence, aka AI, namely that only human creators are eligible for the Grammy award. In February 2023, Beyonce officially became the musician with the most Grammy Awards wins in history. This achievement was achiev right after Beyonce was announc as the winner of the Best. Dance/Electronic Music Album Grammy Awards 2023 thanks to Renaissance. The trophy was Beyoncé’s 32nd. Meanwhile at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Harry Styles won Album of the Year with Harry’s House, Lizzo won Record Of. The Year thanks to the song About Damn Time.

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Dolly Parton inspired Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne ‘The Rock’





Through a new initiative they unveiled on Thursday, Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson have pledged $10 million to provide direct payments to residents of Maui who are unable to return to their homes due to wildfires.

According to the fund’s website, adults who are unable to return to their primary houses as a result of the recent wildfires, including those who owned and rented their properties, would receive $1,200 per month from the People’s Fund of Maui. To extend the amount of time it can provide the support for, the fund will also look for donations.

In a video released accompanied the news, the vocalist for Young Rock stated that he and Winfrey discussed how to best focus their efforts while the fire was burning, asking one another, “How can we do this?” “You want to meet the people’s most pressing need, which is financial support.”

Oprah Winfrey

They are anticipating assistance from “every person who called me and said, ‘What can I do?'” In the video, Winfrey said. “What you can do is this.”

The two motivated by a similar fund established by Dolly Parton during the December 2016 wildfires that ravaged Gatlinburg, Tennessee, killing 14 people and destroying 2,400 structures.

The Dollywood Foundation’s president, Jeff Conyers, claimed he had numerous meetings with Winfrey’s staff in recent weeks to discuss the lessons they had learned from managing the fund, which ultimately distributed $11 million to people who had lost their homes.

In the days and weeks following this terrible calamity, Dolly’s approach was to say, “Hey, look, these are my people and I want to take care of them, and we Trust them to understand what rehabilitation looks like for themselves and their family, Conyers said.

My People Fund, Parton’s charity, collaborate with local energy companies and emergency personnel to identify which buildings were damage and who resided in them, according to Conyers. According to a review by the University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Social Work, the fund ultimately helped about 1,000 families. At the end of the six-month period, $5,000 was transferred in one final lump amount.

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Taylor Swift Disburses IDR 825 Billion for Concert Crew Bonuses, Drivers Get IDR 1.5 Billion





Taylor Swift Disburses IDR 825 Billion for Concert Crew Bonuses, Drivers Get IDR 1.5 Billion. Taylor Swift poured out USD 55 million or the equivalent of IDR 825 billion to give bonuses to her concert crew, Era’s Tour. This money is given as a bonus at the end of a sold out tour.

Reporting from E News

Wednesday (2/8/2023), Taylor Swift gave a fantastic amount of bonuses to the catering crew, dancers to the driver. Unmitigated, it was reported that truck drivers received USD 100 thousand or IDR 1.5 billion.

News of the Blank Space singer giving bonuses to her concert crew comes just days before the American singer wraps up her final tour at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

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For your information

Taylor Swift first kicked off her Era’s Tour in March 2023. The show featured songs from 10 eras of the singer’s career, including hits from her 2022 album Midnight.

The 33-year-old singer also released a re-recorded version of her 2010 album Speak Now, as well as adding tour dates in Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Poland, Austria and more. This includes Singapore, which is scheduled to hold a concert in 2024.

According to Pollstar

Taylor Swift’s entire tour so far has grossed around $300 million.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that Joe Alwyn’s ex-girlfriend gave a fantastic amount of bonuses to her concert crew. Also included are several crews and drivers who get very tempting bonuses in bonus distribution.

Taylor is also often associated with being very generous in giving bonuses to his crew and drivers. Where in the concert we already know the most famous appearance in this year’s concert.

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Confident Taylor Swift Fans? Come on prove it by guessing the album





Confident Taylor Swift Fans? Come on prove it by guessing the album Who doesn’t know the beautiful musician from the United States who is nicknamed the Queen of Heartbreak?

Everyone must have heard the music of the owner of the song “Back To December”, namely Taylor Swift.

Not long ago, the singer born in 1989 was stirring up Swifties — the name for Taylor Swift fans –, where he announced a new album suddenly at the 2022 MTV VMA awards, at the end of last September.

Even in uploads on his personal Instagram, Taylor Swift informed the title of the new album, namely, Midnights.

“Midnights, the sleepless nights stories that spanned my life, is coming out October 21st.

Those of you who claim to be fans of Taylor Swift or Swifties can take the quiz below.

First question

On which albums did Taylor Swift collaborate with Ed Sheeran and rapper Future?
a. lover
b. Folklore
c. reputation

The answer is C. Reputation.
Taylor Swift launched the Reputation album on November 10, 2017. She also took part in the process of working on the Reputation album as an executive producer.

This album is equipped with a list of 15 songs, and one of the songs in collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Future is titled “End Game”.

Reported by, Taylor Swift’s sixth album has sold more than 400,000 copies in the form of pre-orders even before it was officially released. In addition, the promotion of the Reputation album attracted quite a bit of attention by releasing a magazine containing the contents of the Reputation album.

Second Question

The Cruel Summer song is on the album?
a. lover
b. Speak Now
c. 1989

The answer is A. Lover.

The Lover album was released on August 23 2019 with a little story about identity and romance with all its complications.

The album contains 18 track listings, one of which is entitled “Cruel Summer”, which tells of a couple who begin to fall in love when summer arrives.

This is my first album that I ever owned, and I’m very proud.

I am very happy that #Lover is out now,” said Taylor, quoted from the Twitter account @taylorswift13, on Monday (10/10/2022).

Third Question

On which album did Taylor Swift make a 10-minute short film?
a. Speak Now
b. Folklore
c. Red (Taylor’s Version)

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The answer is C. Red (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift officially released the album Red (Taylor’s Version) on November 12, 2021. In fact, this latest Red album is a re-recording of songs that were released in 2012.

In addition, one of the songs on Red’s album (Taylor’s Version) entitled “All Too Well” has a duration of 10 minutes and the music video is packaged in the form of a short film.

Quoted from his personal Instagram account, he revealed that this album was written while he was having a broken heart and was living in a very different world.

He went through a period of heartbreak with various emotions, ranging from strength, sadness, independence, rebellion, and so on.

Despite his struggles, it’s no wonder that the album Red became one of Taylor Swift’s best-selling albums on the market and even sold 1.208 million copies in the United States on its first day of release.

Fourth Question

Which album managed to last 10 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 200?

a. fearless
b. 1989
c. Speak Now

The answer is B. 1989

With 13 track lists, the 1989 album, which was released on October 27, 2014, managed to last more than 2 months at the top of the Billboard Hot 2022, beating Whitney Houston.

This is because one of the songs on the 1989 album, Shake It Off, immediately topped the Billboard 100 after its release.

In addition, the unique thing about Taylor Swift’s fifth album is that it doesn’t have a heartbreak song, like on previous albums.

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